How your infant will develop


We know that infants in this phase of development are usually full of energy and need careful support to use it well! Your child will grow in physical strength and skill and will experience active times, and quiet times for calmer activities.

Self-help and independence soon emerge when we support and encourage our infants. At Sunbeams we praise new achievements to help to build their self-esteem.


Playing with other children is an important new area for their learning; it helps your child to better understand other people’s thoughts and feelings and to learn how to cooperate with others. Infants also learn about boundaries and how to handle frustration!

Playing with toys that come apart and fit together encourages your child to problem solve. Pretend play helps him/her to learn about a range of possibilities.

Your infant’s fine motor skills will continue to develop and they will enjoy making marks, using a variety of materials, looking at picture books and listening to stories, which are important steps in literacy.


In our Infant rooms your child’s language will rapidly develop and they may begin to put sentences together. Joining in conversations with other infants in the room is an important way for them to learn new things and begin to think about past, present and future.


Your infant will rapidly increase their physical skills; he/she will walk confidently, begin to climb, run and join in active play with other children. This is an important time for learning about dangers and safe limits. Together with the child’s family, the infant room staff will be an important source of security and comfort through this developmental stage.