Hats galore

If its really cold outside, you don’t have to stay inside, you just need a good hat !

we love the cold weather !!

The adults may not like this weather but the children LOVE it !

It would take more than snow ice and feezing temperatures to stop them having fun. That’s what coats, hats and gloves are for !

DSC02849 DSC02869 DSC02889

First aid for Parents

Kate ran another very successful first aid course for parents, which cover resuscitation , choking and meningitis.


The parents loved it even though they hope they never have to use it.




Woodland Walks

The children at sunbeams love going on Woodland walks to see what they can find and also to see how ‘muddy’ they can get

Visit from the Fire Brigade

The children at Austhorpe had a visit this morning from the Fire Brigade . The children sat in the cab of the fire engine and put their fingers in their ears when the sirens and lights were put on. They also had time in the nursery to ask questions and be told what to do if they see smoke or a fire. Paula even got to dress up in the full uniform. Great fun and a big thank you to the Fire Crew from Killingbeck