How your preschooler develops

As a leading childcare provider, we are fully committed to working towards the Early Years Foundation Stage learning outcomes, reinforced by OFSTED.

Our pre-school rooms provide your child with an opportunity to build a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in a wider world. The main focus remains on learning through creativity and play. We also teach and emphasise the value of care and concern for others, respect for cultural diversity and ourselves.

Literacy, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills will continue to develop. as well as an understanding of cause and effect.

At Sunbeams pre-schoolers will learn to recognise the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others, and to learn how to be more controlled in their own behaviour.

They will play in small groups to help develop social skills. Your child will become better able to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wider range of materials. They will learn through shared activities with peers and adults.